MK311: What Happened to You, Boo (Black Widow, Oprah’s Book on Trauma, Masters of the Universe, A Quiet Place II, Pandemy Rages On)

Episode 311

30th July 2021

The Pandemy continues to rage on, lest we forget and at this point 1 of 3 things will happen to everyone. We saw A Quiet Place II which was great for everyone except one group, plus Black Widow! We do trauma and healing work through Oprah’s new book ‘What Happened to You?” and then it’s on the Nostalgia Express through cartoons of the 80s and a theory as to why fanboys wig out when people make their childhood IP’s less male and white.

Episode notes

Bruce is Back! But before the fun, the Pon De Replay is still raging- and at this point 1 of 3 things will happen to everyone when all is said and done. We saw a Quiet Place II which is great, except for one specific group of people. We gush about Black Widow and a theory we have about the character. DCEU is pumping out so much Black superheroness but is this STILL a distraction from Ray Fisher/Cyborg? In the main Korners it’s an Oprah/Minority Korner Book Club with “What Happened to You?” an examination and healing of our trauma, and James’ experience with the book, and why you need to get it! Then Bruce has us hop on the Nostalgia Express: through GI Joe, Masters of the Universe, Transformers, and more, and his theory as to why fanboys get so irate when people change up their IP aka make them less male and white. 


GUEST CO-HOST: Bruce Wooden – Known to VR enthusiasts as Cymatic Bruce, dance game enthusiasts as Bruce Leroy, and BJ to his family, Bruce Wooden is an educator, competitive gamer, VR evangelist, speaker, entrepreneur, and a sci-fi/gaming nerd.




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