MK346: If You’re Black- Rest is Resistance (The Batman, Moon Knight, Harry Potter Reunion Call Out, The Nap Ministry)

Episode 346

8th April 2022

James and Mackenzie discuss The Batman and WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD! We talk Moon Knight Director Mohamed Diab’s calling out of Hollywood’s portrayal of Egyptians in media and how his show is making sure it’s done right (through a latinx lead lol but we love Oscar Isaac). We have notes on the recent Harry Potter reunion! Mackenzie educates us on The Nap Ministry, an organization that talks about the value of rest- for Black folks. Rest is resistance and it’s our secret weapon.

Episode notes

We had to bring MacKenzie because who else would we talk about DC with? SPOILERS AHEAD! We need to discuss Matt Reeves’ The Batman. DC finally said, “let’s make a good movie!” Even though it was 3 hours- but we’re here for it! Everything from the Joker, to The Riddler, to Zoe Kravitz epitome of Catwoman – we break it down, along with what would have been in the Zack Snyder era Batman. Sigh. The director of Moon Night Mohamed Diab, while on a press tour says Egypt will finally be getting its roses by actually being portrayed authentically, and names some names of who has failed recently, looking at you Wonder Woman. Also we have to talk about the Harry Potter reunion and we have A LOT of notes! In the main korner MacKenzie gives it to us straight up: rest is resistance. She explains through The Nap Ministry how we’ve all been lied to, and the importance of rest as part of our resistance particularly for marginalized folks… everybody else get to work! 


Guest Co-Host: MacKenzie Green (she/her)-  Vice President of Social Media for Who What Wear/Clique Brands. She previously served as a social media director at BET+, and worked for Betches, Telemundo, Paramount, and NBCUNIVERSAL. She is a graduate of Columbia Business School and the University of Miami. Holds two SunCoast Emmys, served as the former vice chair of the National Council of Negro Women , a proud member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and The Links Inc, and held the title of Miss DC USA in 2010. TW: @MacKenzieAGreen, IG: @missusatomba 




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