What is Maximum Fun Bonus Content?

One of the best parts about being a Maximum Fun member (besides the good feeling you get knowing you are directly supporting the shows you love) is that you get access to a whole bunch of Bonus Content as a thank-you for your support! Bonus Content–or BoCo, as we call it–comes in the form of behind-the-scenes episodes, one-off ideas, crazy cross-overs, live shows, videos, wallpapers, and more! There’s over 500 hours of fun stuff available to anyone who supports Maximum Fun with $5 a month or more.

Not a member yet? You can become one now for just $5 a month! Go to maximumfun.org/join to support your favorite shows with a membership, and get access to years of Bonus Content!

Already a member and looking for your Bonus Content?

You have a few options for how to enjoy that Bonus Content! All of them are going to be found on your Account Management page, which is also where you can add to the shows you support, upgrade, or boost. You can get to Account Management by requesting a Magic Link be sent to your email at maximumfun.org/manage.

For a more detailed walkthrough of accessing and customizing Bonus Content, click here.

Running into trouble?

If you’ve already checked out our walkthroughs and still aren’t sure how to get your BoCo, please email us at membership@maximumfun.org and we’ll be happy to help!