Our Shows

MaxFun features a lot of shows from a lot of different voices. We’re really proud of that. The shows all have a couple of things in common: they all exist in the worlds of Comedy or Culture (sometimes both), and they are all really, really good.

We have shows about movies, shows about wrestling, shows about video games. We have shows about reading, and shows about writing. We have shows that will help you settle a dispute. We have so many shows that will teach you cool stuff. We have shows about identity and underrepresented interests. We have shows about growing up. We have shows that help us be grown ups, and a show that will give you grown-up advice (that you might not want to take).  We have shows about Star Trek, and a show about Eurovision, and shows about nothing in particular. We have shows about animals, and a show about the production of beef animals and dairy herds. We have shows that create new worlds. We have shows that help us appreciate life, and shows that help us interrogate it. We have three game shows. We have a show about the best in culture. We have a show to put you to sleep.

Our shows are beloved. The average rating on Apple Podcasts is 4.8 (for stats folks, the standard deviation is 0.1). If people rate shows elsewhere, we’re pretty sure those are great, too. Our business relies on people really loving the shows on the network. Fortunately, they do.

And our shows have gotten a lot of recognition beyond our community, as well. They’ve been named the Best of the Year by Apple (twice!), won Best Comedy at the British Podcast Awards, won at the Webbys, been awarded National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Awards (four times!), and received various other accolades. Our shows have appeared on literally countless best of / favorite show / favorite episode lists (the internet is a big place). We’re immensely proud of the work that we do, and that we support.