MK345: White Folks, Please Wait 5 Business Days… (The 2022 Oscars, Jussie Smollett Sentencing, Todrick Hall Celeb Big Brother, Worst Things That Have Happened at the Oscars, Problem With Jon Stewart, White People Unpacking Whiteness/Racism)

Episode 345

1st April 2022

James and Mackenzie discuss the Oscars highs and lows, and how things like ‘the slap’ affect Black people differently than whites when pertaining to our community. Jussie Smollett’s sentencing, and Todrick Hall on Celeb Big Brother prove problematic for Black folks. Jon Stewart on this new show attempts to get white folks to unpack racism and it’s a diabolical and an insight into the minds of white folks. We have some tips on how white folks can be more active in dismantling racism, a thing their people created. Plus a list of worst things that have happened at the Oscars.

Episode notes

Of course we’re going to talk about this historic Oscars where Ariana DeBose (The first Latina to win since Rita Moreno) Wanda Sykes, Amy Schumer and Regina King hosting and of course That Slap…though we will need white folks to refrain from commenting for 5 business days. These things affect Black folks differently due to linked lineage- we discuss. Speaking of complicated black issues, Jussie Smollett has been sentenced, and James saw Todrick Hall live, after his problematic Celebrity Big Brother stint. In the main korner James talks about the new show “The Problem with Jon Stewart ” and is an episode of white people talking about racism, how it went awry and gave a glimpse into the minds of white folks and the challenges ahead in dismantling white supremacy. Plus things white folks should and can do to combat racism in their worlds. Plus, everyone seems so sure this is the worst thing to ever happen at the Oscars, and with it almost 100 we have a list of other events that are historically just as bad, if not worse. 


Guest Co-Host: MacKenzie Green (she/her)-  Vice President of Social Media for Who What Wear/Clique Brands. She previously served as a social media director at BET+, and worked for Betches, Telemundo, Paramount, and NBCUNIVERSAL. She is a graduate of Columbia Business School and the University of Miami. Holds two SunCoast Emmys, served as the former vice chair of the National Council of Negro Women , a proud member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and The Links Inc, and held the title of Miss DC USA in 2010. TW: @MacKenzieAGreen, IG: @missusatomba 




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