MK277: Gurl, Let’s Look at the Data (Racism & Economics, Donnagate, Cultural Appropriating Names for Kids, Racist History of Tipping, ASMR)

Episode 277

20th November 2020

We tackle the controversy of Donnagate! Can someone name their child a name outside of their own culture and it NOT be appropriation? We look at the historic and continued relationship between racism and the economy and just how many trillions of dollars it continues to cost the US. Plus how Black folks have been systemically shut out of the economy, in low-paying jobs, and why tipping is rooted in racism.

Episode notes

In responding to a handful of responses from listeners we address the usage of the term “Donna Trump” to refer to soon to be former President Donald Trump- but what does the data tell us about the handful of complaints? Did we already explain this? Is a joke funny if you to explain it? Can someone name their child a name outside of their own culture and it NOT be appropriation? Can naming white children really complicated names help create equity? Do we understand what equity actually is?  How does racism effect the economy? By how many trillions are we talking? What is the historic relationship between racism and the economy? Does tipping, like most things, have its roots in racism? Why have certain jobs, that historically been done by BIPOC folks, consistently have some of the lowest wages? Are there actions we can take to turn the beat around on the disparaging effects that racism has on BIPOC communities, particularly black people that will pump trillions of dollars into our economy? Does Janet do ASMR? Believe it or not, we answer ALL of this and more through looking at the data!

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