MK272: Interrogate All of It w/Ashley Nicole Black (Writing Tips & FAQ’s, A Black Lady Sketch Show, Deaf U, Glow, Ted Lasso, Harvard Study on Prison, Angela Davis)

Episode 272

23rd October 2020

With writer, actor, comedian, and award winner Ashley Nicole Black we talk: the heart warmingness of Ted Lasso, the drama of Deaf U, the tea on the cancellation of Glow, and Ashley’s amazing work on the groundbreaking hilarious HBO series A Black Lady Sketch Show. Then school is in session as Professor Black answers all your questions and dishes out the tips for getting a jump start on that writing career you suddenly have time for thanks to the Pandemic. Plus why James and Ashley’s professor Angela Davis is so bomb, and apparently Harvard has figured out the one reason so many Black folks are in prison.. hmmm…

Episode notes

Sitting in the guest co-host chair it’s writer, actor, Emmy winner Ashley Nicole Black (she/her) we talk TV that is like a warm blanket like Apple TV’s Ted Lasso (which Ashley is working on season 2), and since James and Ashley met in college, they discuss why the drama on Netflix’s Deaf U is the reality TV gold you didn’t know you were missing. Ashley has some more Tea on the sad cancellation of Glow and as a huge stan of HBO’s A Black Lady Sketch Show James asks Ashley all the behind-the-scenes burning questions you’ve been dying to know about this groundbreaking show. Then, school is in session as we are going to the Ashley Nicole Black Institute for writers, where Professor Black is going to answer the FAQ’s that she’s been getting on writing and to give you all the tips you need to get your butt into gear… James!  James just might be inspired enough to dust off all of his old screenplays. And finally, the two pay homage to their former UCSC Professor and revolutionary activist Angela Davis, and apparently Harvard conducted a study which has concluded the ONE reason why so many Black people are over-represented in prison? Hmmmm…


Ashley Nicole Black, Guest Co-Host:  a writer, actor, and comedian you’ve seen on the Emmy award-winning Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and HBO’s A Black Lady Sketch Show. 

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Ashley Nicole Black

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