MK271: The White People’s Apology Tour (Indigenous Cultural Burns, Megan The Stallion, Misogynoir & HipHop, Regina King: Slay, Amy Comey Barrett, Gretchen Whitmer’s Sign Language Lady, Furiosa)

Episode 271

16th October 2020

Why are they trying to confirm another Supreme Court Justice when folks don’t have a stimulus check? The Republicans are stealing ballots! Why you need a sign language hype person like Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Regina King ‘Slays’ and Coming 2 America- coming home to you! We celebrate Indigenous People’s Day and their banned cultural burns which could have been saving the west coast from fires. Plus Megan The Stallion’s surviving getting shot by her ex, and the misogynoir she experiences that is all too common in hip-hop and towards Black women. Plus White Butlers!

Episode notes

Today is like therapy cause sometimes in the middle of a pandemic with so much happening- you’re just not okay. With returning guest co-host Samantha Nzessi, we talk “why are we trying to confirm Amy Comey Beheret and her questionable originalist self when folks still waiting for more stimulus checks?” Beware of the Republicans latest tactic to steal the election. We’ll let you know why everyone needs a hype sign language person like Governor Gretchen Whitmer- don’t fuck with her!  On the pop culture front, Regina King’s latest project is about to Slay, and Coming 2 America might be coming to you on Amazon, and why that’s a bummer, and why the new Furiosa casting has us furious with ageism in Hollywood. In the main Korner’s we are celebrating Indigenous People’s day highlighting the cultural traditions that First Nation’s people were doing that had been banned for centuries, that could have helped the fires in California, had Westerners leave them be, plus 5 things you can do to celebrate and support Indigenous folks!  Samantha breaks down the case of Megan The Stallion’s treatment after she was shot by ex boyfriend Tory Lenz and how this is an example of Misogynoir, it’s historical footprint in hip hop, and 5 ways you can stop it. Plus- our proposal for reparations which may include a white butler for all.

Guest Co Host Samantha Nzessi- IG & Twitter: @samanthal_n

Samantha (she/her) is about equity of all kinds. Racial, gender, class, you name it. She is co-host and producer of MASKulinity podcast, which is dedicated to unlearning patriarchy from the masculine side of the spectrum. Like Issa Rae, she’s rooting for everybody Black. Unless you’re a misogynist! Then she’s rooting for you to be held accountable for your fuckery.


Ugh , Amy Comey Barrett

Regina King: Slay:

Coming 2 America:

Republicans have been trying to steal ballots:

Anya Taylor Joy as a young Fruiosa :

Indigenous People’s Celebration

Megan Thee Stallion + misogynoir in hip hop


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