MK228: For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Skincare, When a Ja Rule vs 50 Cent Feud Is Enuff (FUBU Skin Care, JaRule v 50 Cent, Amanda Seales, DMX, Ashanti, JLO, Zoom Party Tips, Gaybraham Lincoln)

Episode 228

24th April 2020

Looking at Insecure we focus on chameleon actress Amanda Seales, why isn’t she catching on? We’ve got tips for our new lives on Zoom. Why is Kim Kardashian James’ hero and why did she slap her sister? A European country is seeing attention brought to the Black female mortality rate. Moury gives us some FUBU skin care tips, and recommendations, founded by POC folks for us melanin proficient folks. In This Week In History we look at Abraham Lincoln. Glory walks us through the JaRule v 50 Cent feud.

Episode notes

It’s a double guest co-host whammy with Glory and Moury back on the podcast! Glory and James jump back into their conversation about Insecure this time focusing on actress Amanda Seales, her chameleon like performance, being on The Real, and why isn’t she catching on? Ya’ll sleeping on Amanda Seales! Zoom has taken over everybody’s lives from the Kansas City Supreme Court to our Birthday Parties, and Trivia nights, but they’re getting out of control and we’ve got some tips for our new lives on Zoom. Why is Kim Kardashian James’ hero? It’s not because she slapped one of her sisters on their show, now in it’s 18th season. She’s doing something dope! And Glory is here to tell James which sister got slapped. Which European country is also seeing attention brought to the Black female mortality rate? Moury is back to give us some FUBU skin care tips, and recommendations, with skincare founded by POC folks FOR us melanin proficient folks. Also she lets us know why most sunscreens don’t really rub on our skin.  In the age of Zoom calls we all deserve to be looking our best. Glory is going to give us our “This Week in History,” about Gaybraham Lincoln. And her main event we are going to get the full timeline of the age ol Ja Rule v 50 Cent Feud which opens up a can of worms: is JLo just a glorified backup dancer? Would JaRule have a career if it wasn’t for DMX going to prison? Would Ashanti even exists if Aaliyah was still alive??.. is she really a “true” talent as Glory put it? What was the REAL reason Christina Aguilera couldn’t make friends in the Mickey Mouse Club? And just how many times has 50 Cent punked Ja Rule? And is this feud just because they’re actually: in love? So many questions, and we have answers… to some..


Naomi Campbell Coronavirus pre/post flight process she was always ready:

FiveXmore- Black British Mama’s Campaign to raise awareness about UK Black female mortality rate

Epara Skincare (Luxury brand)

Founder: Ozohu Adoh

Unsun Cosmetics

Founder: Katonya Breaux

Ayele & Co. (pronunciation: eye-yell)

Founder: Danielle Bahi

Bavel (Men’s skincare)

Founder: Tristan Walker

Iman Cosmetics

Founder: Supermodel Iman


Founders: Ndidi Obidoa and Chinelo Chidozie

Forest Essentials

Founder: Mira Kulkarni (New Delhi, India)

Brujita Skincare

Founder: Leah Guerrero



POPSUGAR – 19 Black-Owned Beauty Brands That Deserve a Spot in Your Makeup Bag. Author: Tembe Denton-Hurst

REFINERY29 – 5 Skin-Care Brands To Shop If You Want To Buy Black. Author: Raven Baker

HipLatina – 10 Latina-Owned Skincare Brands You Need to Try Now. Author: Johanna Ferreira 

Vogue Australia: 5 Indian skincare brands you need to know now. Author: Anjan Sachar




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