EP303: Gaylords Gotta Do, What A Gaylords Gotta Do (Little Mix, Yasuke: Black Samurai, Black Superman, LaKeith Stanfield, Anti-Semitism, Dunning Kruger Effect)

Episode 303

21st May 2021

James Arthur M. and Guest Co-Host MacKenzie Green try to get to the bottom of why best girl group of the last decade, Little Mix, hasn’t taken off in the US yet!? Plus highly melanated member of the group Leigh-Anne Pinnock just released her groundbreaking documentary ‘Race, Power, and Pop’ exploring racism in the UK and in the music industry. As if we needed more reason to extra cancel once beloved Joss Whedon, Gal Gaddot has spilled some Tea, and is the news of a Black Superman written by Ta-Nehisi Coates just a distraction from the mishandling and treatment of Ray Fisher/Cyborg? And Lakeith Stanfield accidentally found himself moderating anti-Semitic room in Clubhouse- ruh roh. In the main Korner, continuing our celebration of API Heritage we explore Asian and Black intersection in Black Samurai Yasuke, which a new Netflix Anime is based on. Also were some Samurai gay? Then MacKenzie takes us home in her TED like Talk letting us know and giving us permission that it’s okay to not know anything.

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Guest Co-Host: MacKenzie Green (she/her)-  the Director of Social Media for BET+, holds two SunCoast Emmys, served as the former vice chair of the National Council of Negro Women , a proud memeber of Kappa Kappa Gamma and The Links Inc., and held the title of Miss DC USA in 2010.


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