MK250: Whoever Smelt It, Dealt It (Lovercraft Country, Avatar Sequels, The Rosewood Massacre, AOC vs. Yoho, Hidden Figures the Musical, 1619 Project, The Smollets, The Woman King)

Episode 250

31st July 2020

We’ve got a campaign slogan to help any voters on the fence (but like why?). Why aren’t some directors reading the room when it comes to movies in a movie theater? The GOP is up to their usual fuckery from Senator Cotton to Yoho, and AOC’s passionate speech. So many Black coming attractions- great new shows coming soon! We dive in deep into the history of the Rosewood Massacre.

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Confused on who to vote for? Well Nnekay and James have a personalized way to help you get on the right side of history with our new campaign slogan and initiative that James thinks is kind of sexy’. In the age of Corona what will be the future of movie theaters be? And how come some directors and theaters can’t read the room on Corona? We have a HUGE coming attractions news roundup from a musical based on some historical Black, mathematician ladies, to Lovercraft Country on HBO, and a Black remake of a beloved 90s show. Nnekay blows James’ mind with some pop culture facts. What makes good horror – good, as we are in a Black horror movie renaissance. James asks Nnekay about her experience of dealing with misogyny in the workplace on the heels of what AOC experienced from senator Yahoo/Yoho- whatever. And in other “fuck you” GOP news, apparently, slavery was a necessary evil, and they have a bill they’re trying to pass to make sure we are taught no different.  In the main event Nnekay takes us through a detailed recounting of the Rosewood Massacre in  1920, Florida, what led up to it, and how it mirrors what we see happening to Black people today.

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