MK226: Evil Doesn’t Take a Break (Little Fires Everywhere, History of Racism and Pandemics, Andrew Yang’s “Americanness” OpEd, Tiger King, COVID19, Wisconsin Primary, Tik Tok, Opportunistic Republicans, NYC Update, Mask19, Japanese Americans in WWII, The Queens Speech)

Episode 226

10th April 2020

Is Karen the N word for White Women?… Dat Rona is still raging: effecting transplant patients, Wisconsin Primary, politicians are passing, mostly, evil laws, domestic violence is on the rise, and NYC is in shambles. The Queen gave a speech making us wish we had lost the American Revolution. We explore America’s history of racism in times of pandemics, Andrew Yang’s controversial Op Ed, and Japanese Americans in WWII. We talk: Ozarks, The Wire, Tiger King, and Little Fires Everywhere plus “mommy issues”.

Episode notes

We’ve got Moury Minhaz reporting from ground 0, in NYC, where they’ve been hit by the biggest cases of COVID19. But you think you’re having it bad… The Karen’s of the world are really having a time of it as a journalist has taken THIS as the opportune time to ask, “Is Karen the N word for White Women”.. Hmm… let’s discuss. That Rona is still raging and we have so much to talk about: how it’s effecting transplant patients, effecting the Wisconsin Primary, how some politicians are using this as an opportunity to pass laws, mostly on the evil side (but one good one), Italy’s high death rate, domestic violence is on the rise, and the Queen gave a speech making us wish we had lost the American Revolution. In the main korner it’s a tale as old as time: it wouldn’t be a pandemic without some racism. We explore America’s history of racism in times of pandemics, how it’s effecting the Asian American Community, and how Andrew Yang’s op Ed pushing for Asian Americans to prove their “Americanness” is bringing up past feelings of WWII Japanese American Internment camps amongst some.  On the entertainment front Moury watched the Tiger King and has a quick review… We both are burning with love for Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon’s Little Fires Everywhere, which fuck “daddy issues” this show is brining front and center the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters and what spawns into: mommy issues. Moury talks about from experience, and the challenges of immigrating here and balancing this with assimilating to a new culture, and holding up traditional expectations. James is late but jumping into The Wire which has ruined television for him. Plus Ozarks season 3 we couldn’t sit or unclench or butts. And words of encouragement for Bernie Sanders supporters at the very end! 

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