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Strange Days

This week we are joined by the incredibly talented director Natasha Kermani to talk about Kathryn Bigelow’s undersung classic, Strange Days. Katie Walsh takes over hosting duties to speak to Natasha about the disturbing prescience of this film and Bigelow’s oeuvre in general. They also chat about Natasha’s latest film, the Brea Grant penned slasher satire, Lucky. Natasha discusses creating a “Final Woman,” as opposed to the typical “Final Girl.” She elaborates on working with action and fight choreography and how she always tries to ground it in service of the story. Natasha also elaborates on the creation of the killer’s mask in Lucky, and how she wanted it to look subtle as if there were no mask at all.

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If you haven’t seen Strange Days – it’s great…but hard to track down.

With Katie Walsh and Natasha Kermani.

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Katie Walsh



  • Natasha Kermani

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