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Sorry to Bother You

This week we are joined by the fabulous actor Celeste O’Connor to dissect Boots Riley’s new classic, Sorry to Bother You. Celeste and April discuss the risks that Tessa Thompson took by doing this particular movie, and how Celeste felt they were taking a similar risk in accepting the role of Nyla in Freaky. Celeste also covers larger topics like expanding beyond stereotypical Black representation in film, and how they are so tired of being offered “slave roles.” Celeste elaborates on this point and has a lot to say about telling stories about Black people that don’t just cover their own personal trauma. Plus, Celeste talks about their time making Freaky, hitting (and hurting) another actor in the head with a prop frying pan, and the joy of working with Vince Vaughn.

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If you haven’t seen Sorry to Bother You – you should!

With April Wolfe and Celeste O’Connor.

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  • Celeste O'Connor

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