Episode 110: ‘Prince of Darkness’ with ‘Black Christmas’ Co-Writer and Switchblade Sisters Host April Wolfe

Episode 110

12th December 2019

April Wolfe, host of this show and co-writer of Black Christmas, switches seats and becomes the guest as she and film critic Katie Walsh discuss John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness.

Episode notes

Donald Pleasence and Victor Wong from 'Prince of Darkness' in a spooky church

Prince of Darkness

We have traveled through the mirror and everything is backwards and evil! April has become the guest on her own show! That’s right, Katie Walsh is taking over the reigns as host and speaking to our “intrepid leader” about John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness. April discusses writing and working on her new film Black Christmas. Plus, you can hear her examine the relationship between cosmic horror, religion, and misogyny!

Black Christmas is in theaters in wide release on December Friday the 13th.

And if you haven’t seen Prince of Darkness…get on it!

With April Wolfe and Katie Walsh.

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