Episode 102: ‘Polyester’ with ‘Greener Grass’ Actors and Directors Dawn Luebbe & Jocelyn DeBoer

Episode 102

17th October 2019

‘Greener Grass” actors and directors Dawn Luebbe & Jocelyn DeBoer are on the show to talk about John Waters’ ‘Polyester’

Episode notes

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We have the honor and distinction to be graced by the presence of Dawn Luebbe & Jocelyn DeBoer, the actors, writers, and directors of the new film Greener Grass. They discuss a classic film that would pair perfectly in a double feature with their own movie – that would be John Waters’ Polyester. They elaborate on the notion of “shock value” and how Polyester is shocking for different reasons than Waters’ previous films. They also open up about the production of their own film, and how they lucked into shooting in the “Golf Cart Capital of the World.”

Greener Grass is streaming and in theaters on October 18th.

And if you haven’t seen Polyester – GO NOW!

With April Wolfe and Jocelyn DeBoer & Dawn Luebbe.

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In this episode...


  • Dawn Luebbe
  • Jocelyn DeBoer

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