MK259: Not A Callout, A Call to Action (Zoe Saldana/Nina Simone, Power and Control Wheel for Queer Partnerships, Afro-Latinx Culture, BLM, Dominican Republic’s Black History, Cancel Culture, Guilt vs. Shame, John Leguizamo)

Episode 259

4th September 2020

With two Latinx guest hosts, we explore: cancel culture, using our social media for social activism, and how to come correct when challenging someone as we explore shame vs. guilt. Was it okay for Zoey Saldana, an Afro-Latina, to play Black icon, Nina Simone? Is there a reconciliation around Black identity that needs to happen for the Afro-Latinx community? And how prevalent is colorism in the Latinx community as a whole? Plus we finish with some self-care focusing on relationships with The Power and Control Wheel for Queer Partnerships.

Episode notes

James comes up from his week off from his media blackout and finds out what a “Kenosha” is… wow 2020. Not ready to go there so we pivot with our two guest co-host.  First:  Avi Roque is here to chat cancel culture, using our social media for social activism, and how to come correct when challenging someone as we explore shame vs. guilt. Then our resident Afro-Latina comedian Glory is here to dive into something that has been weighing HEAVY on her… and she is coming for fellow Afro-Latina Zoey Saldana, who played Nina Simone and probably should not have, which opens us up into a deep conversation about Afro-Latinx heritage, and specifically Dominican history, slavery, colorism, and just how deep anti Blackness is. Also John Leguizamo we may have some words for you too, as Glory has a callout for colorism within the  Latinx community, and exclusion of Afro-Latino’s. Then we’re going to finish with some self-care and do something we rarely do here on the pod and talk about relationships. Whether you’re currently in one, or not you will get some great healing tools as Avi walks us through some exercises from the Anti Violence Projects’ Power and Control Wheel for Queer Partnerships.


New York City Anti-Violence Project ( / Intimate Queer Partnerships — LGBT Power & Control Wheel (

Chadwick Boseman’s Agent’s article in The Hollywood Reporter 



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