MK233: From Karen to Karen (Joe Biden’s Gaffe, George Floyd, Christian Cooper, 12 Year Old Black Oil Tycoon Sarah Rector, Alison Roman, Lana Del Rey, Chrissy Tiegan, Marie Kondo, Call to Action, #Blackout2020, #BLM)

Episode 233

29th May 2020

White women are being extreme Karen’s some towards fellow celebrities to drag them down, and some towards black men that could’ve ended up in their death. We discuss the sexualization of Black woman, which has over flowed on to TikTok. Joe Biden, has stepped in it with a gaffe- but is it a big deal? Do you know about the 12 year old Black girl oil Tycoon of the early 1900s? We dive into the tragedy of George Floyd, and what could have happened to Christian Cooper- and what you can do to take action!

Episode notes

We go from Karen to Karen this week. Have you heard of social media chef Alison Roman- well she seems to be dragging Chrissy Tiegan and Marie Kondo, while other Karen Lana Del Rey seems to also be dragging women of color, and Ariana Grande – what is going on white women? Joe Biden might not be a white woman but that didn’t stop his whiteness from stepping in it too, we unpack the gaffe heard around the social media scapes and while some may be outraged, some are just shrugging our shoulders. Also Black women are being negated on TikTok. Have you ever heard of the little rich Black girl Oil Tycoon? I hadn’t’ either until one of our listeners pointed me to it: Sarah Rector, and her essentially slavery to riches story. And then finally stick around till the end as I unpack the two latest incidents showcasing Americas racism that had two very different outcomes involving Black men: Christian Cooper, and George Floyd and our call to action about what you can do about it. This is a jam packed episode.



Adopt a State: 

George Floyd Actions:

  • Text “Floyd” to 55156 to demand the officers that killed him are arrested.
  • Email Hennepin County DA at and demand the officers are arrested -Donate to the Floyd Family, or @mnfreedomfund who collect funds to bail people (protestors) out of jail
  • Sign the petition at 


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