206: Christopher Columbus the OG Incel (Charlie’s Angels, Christopher Columbus an A$$#@!%, Incels, Facebook Protocol, Steven Miller)

Episode 206

21st November 2019

How do you handle a fringe Trump supporter on your Facebook wall you barely know… who’s also a Black woman? Charlie’s Angels was dope, and feminist, and funny AF- why didn’t you go see it!? n 1492.. an asshole sailed the ocean blue. You don’t think Chris Columbus was an asshole? Well don’t worry James has got the receipts to back it up, and how it became a national holiday. Guest co-host Samantha Nzessi of the Maskulinity Podcast walks us through the spooky world of Incels.

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This week we are joined once again by Samantha Nzessi of the Maskulinity Podcast. James poses a question to the Korner: what do you do when you see someone you kind of know on your Facebook wall… posting some real, misguided, misinformed bullshit?… Like some really fringe pro Trum stuff!?! Did I mention this person was a Black woman? Oh goddess! James has a movie review of Charlie’s Angeles as he’s one of the few who saw it. What happened ya’ll? The first Charlie’s Angeles written and directed by a woman free from the male gaze… and ya’ll missed out- he’ll give you the scope of why it’s so dope and why you need to give it some money! In 1492.. an asshole sailed the ocean blue. You don’t think Chris Columbus was an asshole? Well don’t worry James has got the receipts to back it up, CC is worst than you think! And just how did this terrible man get a national holiday to begin with?!? As our resident masculinity expert, Samantha, is going to take us on a deep dive into the world of incels. Just what are they? And was the idea really started by a queer woman and co opted by men who took it, and ruined it?… yes… This is an eye opening conversation putting a lot of dudes like Chris Columbus, Steven Miller, and Trump into a hugely perspective.


Christopher Columbus was an Asshole

https://bit.ly/335VeFT, https://bit.ly/34blkbM

Samantha Bee Full Frontal Segment:

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