Stop Podcasting Yourself 114 - Ryan Beil

Ryan Beil

Ryan Beil returns to talk To Catch A Predator and tribute bands, then we open a package.

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Enrico Palazzo

Wind At My Back


Bob Ross

Shiba Inu


To Catch A Predator

Sexy Car Wash

Pierre Trudeau

The Steve Harvey Show

Brother Mouzone





Kittens USA

The Best Ever Death Metal Band Out Of Denton

Grampa's gift

-The original Family Feud host was Richard Dawson.


Tribute Band names

Funny stuff. Possible new segment?
My first thoughts for U2 were "Joshua Tree" or "Us Too"
I came up with a name years ago for a '60's style punk band,
"Dick Puller & The Wankers".
Love the show,
Trace A. from Tacoma

Tribute band names

Great podcast guys, been listening for a long time. I called in an overheard one time that you played (Amos from Denver, although I may have said 'Ed', I sometimes go by my middle name as no one seems to be able to hear or pronounce 'Amos' correctly. I was a while back, I forget), thanks.

Anyway, as for the tribute band names, I was betting on you saying the one I came up with as I was listening for U2, which was U3. I thought that wasn't bad. Also, as for the comment above about "Dick Puller & The Wankers", I read one time that the was a real band, not a cover band that I know of, in the Caribbean somewhere called "Big Dick and the Extenders". That always made me laugh.

If interested, I do my own podcast with a friend, revolving around movies and as many jokes as we can think of, called 'Can You Fuckin' Believe It?' (a movie reference in itself, be it an obscure one). Check it out if you are so inclined. We are on iTunes (just do a search), or at

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Tribute Band names

Amos, (or Ed), Pretty cool about that band, I like their name better. The one I came up with never really existed so the name is out there for anyone who wants to do punk covers of surf music. XD

Various topics

First, I don't know why you guys are so surprised about Betty White's doing well on SNL. She's a stone-cold pro who starred in her first sitcom 57 years ago.

Second, I'm not a huge fan of the fund-drive stuff. This is when I always turn the radio off when I'm listening to NPR. The difference is, however, that when I turn the radio back on ten minutes later, the fund-drive stuff is over. When I turn my iPod back on, we just pick up in mid-pitch. I hope that this is not going to be a weekly part of the show.

Third, what the heck kind of dog is Grampa, anyway?

-Michael K.

The Fun Drive.

Michael - the fund drive stuff is once a year - perhaps you see the giant banner to the right that says May 13-28? Maybe you're already a donor, in which case you can feel free to skip past it, but if you're not, understand that Graham and Dave are asking you to support their hard work financially. They've recorded more than a hundred shows and given them to you for free, and they're asking for maybe five bucks a month. I don't think it's unreasonable.

(PS: I accidentally deleted someone's comment in response to Michael's while moderating the comments for this thread... sorry, please re-post.)

1st, yes she's a stone cold

1st, yes she's a stone cold pro, but she's also extremely aged. We're not so much surprised as we're impressed.
2nd, you may need to fast forward to get past the fund drive stuff. An iPod just stops when you stop it. The pitches are only for the fund drive, so you'll only need to hear 2 or 3 a year.
3rd, Grampa is 3/4 Boston Terrier and 1/4 Chihuahua. His mother was half and half.
Thanks Michael K. I loved you it Beetlejuice.