April 23 Newsletter: Survey! Triple Click! Livestreams!

Posted by Stacey Molski on 27th April 2020

Thanks to those of you who answered our poll from last week’s email! Most of you said you’d like to continue getting these weekly, but we get that for some of you it might be A Lot. I’m going to send out a separate email next week asking you to update your subscription habits, so we can get weekly updates to folks who want ’em and monthly updates for folks who want more of an overview. Please keep an eye out for that. Alright, here we go!

Want to help us out with a 10-minute ad survey?

If you complete it – besides our extreme gratitude – you’ll get 10% off our merch the MaxFunStore!  I know we’ve been asking you to fill out out surveys and polls lately, but this one is pretty important. We’d like to get a better idea of who you are and what you care about, in general. Maximum Fun is primarily listener-supported, and we always will be. We are so grateful to everyone who finds room in their budget for us every month, and frankly to everyone who wants to support us, even if they can’t right now. In addition to that support, a lot of shows also rely on advertising for supplemental income. This survey will help us keep the few ads we do run relevant to you, and will help some shows earn a little more money during this weird time. It’s a pretty quick and straightforward survey, and it’s completely anonymous, so please take 10 minutes to fill it out if you can. Thank you so much!

Updates from shows

The first episode of Triple Click, hosted by Maddy MyersJason Schreier, and Kirk Hamilton, is up now!  It’s called What Video Games Assume You Know, and in addition to that topic, they introduce their weekly segment, One More Thing, and talk Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil, and more! Subscribe now on Apple PodcastsStitcherPocketCastsGoogle Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. And tell your friends about the show!

Our friends at Trends Like These released their last episode today. We love Courtney Enlow and Brent Black (and Travis, who recently had to step down as host) and we’ll miss them and the show, but we fully support their decision. ❤️ You can read a bit more about it on TLT’s Twitter or on our site.


Oh No Ross and Carrie just finished up their 7-part investigation on the Conscious Life Expo! If you missed it, or if you just like to wait to binge the whole thing, here’s where you can start the series in both podcast or transcript form. Now pour yourself a cool glass of Starfire Water (no) and settle in for an audio journey. I googled Starfire Water to make sure I remembered the name right, so I’m looking forward to seeing what shows up in my Facebook ads now.

As you’ve probably seen on our calendar, Clint McElroy and his wife Carol have been reading stories basically every single day around 2:30pm. They finished up The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and are now onto Neil Gaiman’s Coraline! (Here’s where they start on Coraline.) This is a great series of videos if you need some storytime backup for your kids. It’s also an excellent book with two excellent folks reading it, so you’ll enjoy it even if you don’t have kids!

Dr. Gameshow – our wonderfully chaotic call-in game show – recorded their first remote episode using Zoom! It’s a show that is technically difficult on a good day with a studio, so it’s awesome that they figured our a way to still have the audience participation that makes this show shine. It’s a really great and silly show that is perfect if you need something lighthearted right now. PLUS it’s family-friendly, so you can play along with your kids!


Livestreams and more!

This past week:

We Got This Clean Slate Live
Remote Bartending with Stuart and Sharlene Wellington
Clint McElroy Stories from Your Gaffer
John Hodgman’s Get Your Pets

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Email april@maximumfun.org with your photos and stories about what you’re up to when listening to MaxFun or just in general. We’ve got a blog post that we are continually updating with some of the fun stuff that MaxFunsters are doing.

Here’s what MaxFun staff members are up to!

Bikram Chatterji,  Managing Director
Bikram’s been doing some gardening and I’m personally very emotionally invested in this.

“My wife and I have been growing a small vegetable garden alongside our driveway – we planted starter tomatoes, purple beans, basil, and sweet and hot thai chilies (not gonna lie, the hot chilies are TOO HOT for me, but I like to use them sparingly and occasionally). We also planted peas from seed. It’s been great to see the tomatoes flourish, and the bean flowers are surprisingly beautiful, but I’ve been proudest of the peas, which poked their little shoots out a few weeks back and are now growing nicely, all in a row. There’s something hopeful about gardening, which I hadn’t really appreciated, but it’s a comfort to us now.”