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Pamela Ribon, screenwriter (Ralph Breaks the Internet, Moana), novelist (My Boyfriend is a Bear), comic book writer, and more) joins the crew to discuss Petite Maman, a movie that both Drea AND Alonso put on their best-of-the-year list in 2021. It’s finally hitting streaming in early June, and now we’ve got our takes on this film, which may or may not be about playing in the woods and making pancakes.

What’s Good
Alonso: New seasons of MST3K and Kids in the Hall
Drea: Decaf Chocolate Hazelnut Tea
Pamela: BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky
Ify: The Challenge


  1.  David Cronenberg Says Netflix Passed on “Crimes of the Future’
  2. Laura Dern Was 23 When She Made Jurassic Park, and Even Sam Neill is Surprised 
  3. Samuel L. Jackson has been cast in a new Garfield movie

Staff Picks
Drea: Turning Red
Alonso: Electric Dreams
Pam: Anaïs in Love
Ify: North Hollywood

In case you’re wondering what “Kate Mantalini’s” is, here’s a story from when the Beverly Hills restaurant closed in 2014.

Here’s a peek at Pam’s My Year of Dicks

Buy Alonso’s book, I’ll Be Home For Christmas Movies


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