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Jerrod Carmichael’s directorial debut hit Sundance back in 2021, but now it’s finally available on big and small screens. Film critic Carlos Aguilar joins us to describe the ways that this short film packs a long punch.

AND: We cast our dream movie driving buddies!

(cw: today’s movie is about suicide and depression; we’ll give you a heads up during the show too)


What’s Good
Alonso – LGBTQ Media Elite Status: Bros trailer
Drea – Heartstopper
Carlos – Worst Roommate Ever
Ify – trip to Europe!



Zack Snyder’s Fan-Voted Oscar Wins May Have Been Rigged by Bots

Adele Haenel Steps Away From the Film Industry for Political Reasons

Jason Momoa Apologizes After Posting Photos from Sistine Chapel

Staff Picks
Alonso – Hit the Road
Drea – Emergency
Carlos – Vortex
Ify – Collateral

Carlos’s review of On the Count of Three 

Carlos’s review of Emergency for The Wrap

Buy Alonso’s book, I’ll Be Home For Christmas Movies


Ify Nwadiwe
Drea Clark
Alonso Duralde
Carlos Aguilar

Produced by Marissa Flaxbart
Sr. Producer Laura Swisher

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