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Dee Rees’s first feature, 2011’s PARIAH, is a groundbreaking work of queer cinema and an inspiration for director Olivia Peace’s own debut film, TAHARA (which premiered at Slamdance in 2020). They first watched it back in high school; so how does it hit different 11 years later? Then, we answer the HOTLINE and consider movie premises that didn’t live up to the their promise…s.

What’s Good Mentions
Alonso – The Gilded Age
Drea – Lox
Ify – Snowboarding
Olivia – Valentine’s Day trip to Long Beach

The Academy has plans to make the 2022 Oscars a little different

An actor was sentenced to 20 years in prison for a Ponzi scheme where he pretended to be making movie deals

The director of the upcoming Netflix biopic about Marilyn Monroe has announced that his movie will be rated NC-17

Staff Picks:
Ify – Shortbus
Drea – Kimi
Alonso – Middle of Nowhere
Olivia – The Watermelon Woman

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Ify Nwadiwe
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