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On this week’s episode, hosts Tre’vell Anderson and jarrett hill make a call back to Tre’vell’s Dis/Honrable Mention of Ncuti Gatwa’s British Vogue’s Pride Issue feature in Ep #174. In the issue, Gatwa claims he chooses not to label himself as queer, which poses the question: has Pride rebranded (again) to fit those who do not identify as queer?

But first, jarrett and Tre’vell discuss the state of employment, or rather unemployment, in media considering the rise of publication layoffs, like Buzzfeed News with 15% staff layoffs and Insider with 10% , just this past April. With many more platforms following the same trend, the future of journalism looks uncertain. And later, we get a history lesson on the very first Queen of Drag.

Mentioned In The Episode 

Ncuti Gatwa in the Pride Issue of British Vogue

Smithsonian Magazine, William Dorsey Swann, the First Self – Proclaimed “Queen of Drag”

We See Each Other: The Podcast

DIS/Honorable Mentions 


DM: Amy Schumer’s new Netflix special “Emergency Contact”

HM: Aisha Harris’s new book “Wannabe: Reckonings With The Pop Culture That Shapes Me”


HM: Peacock original film,  Praise This 

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