End of Year 2020 Comedy Special

29th December 2020

It’s the most hilarious time of the year again! That’s right, we’re back for another End of Year Comedy special. This holiday season the staff at MaxFun HQ listened to countless hours of stand-up, considered thousands of punchlines, and subjected our funny bones to innumerable tickles so that we could deliver only the very best stand-up comedy of 2020 to you! So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh. You’ve made it through 2020, you’ve earned it.

Episode notes

It’s a proud annual tradition over here at Bullseye: our end of year standup special, where we compile 2020’s best standup records. And even for a year as rough as this one, let me tell you, my friends: there are some great ones.

This year, our end of year comedy special features some truly hilarious new voices like Brandon Ash Mohammed, who shares his experiences growing up Black and gay on his stand-up album Capricornication and Atsuko Okatsuka’s Highlander-like reaction to finding out that there’s another Atsuko at her gym on her album But I Control Me.

You’ll also hear some side-splitting bits from some more familiar friends of the show like Kyle Kinane and Eliza Skinner. So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh. You’ve made it through 2020, you’ve earned it.

Let us know what your favorite stand-up albums of the year were. Did we miss someone? We want to know! Sound off on Twitter @Bullseye or on Facebook!


Chanel AliChanel No. 1

Kyle KinaneTrampoline In A Ditch

Samantha RuddyLogging Out

Alex EdelmanUntil Now

Dante PowellThe Squirrels Get Fat

Atsuko OkatsukaBut I Control Me

Orlando Leyba Adorable

Dwayne KennedyWho the Hell Is Dwayne Kennedy?

Rob DelaneyJackie

Aisha AlfaAll the Parts

Eliza SkinnerRegarding My Lovers

Andy KindlerHence the Humor

Michelle BiloonPermanent Hat

Brandon Ash MohammedCapricornication

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