#46 - Star Wars vs Star Trek LIVE with Adam Savage and John Hodgman

Photo by Jennifer Kelley Lublin
Adam Savage
John Hodgman

After being suggested by so many people, Mark and Halfinally tackle the topic of Star Wars vs Star Trek. As the preeminent battle for the stars take place, we employ the help of our good friends Adam Savage and John Hodgman, who boldly go where no one has gone before, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Two fandoms enter. One fandom leaves.

Topics include:

- Rule 34

- Murder Bears

- Burn damage

- Alone time


Why let star wars fans decide this?

This was the first time I listened MF and also the last time.

chewys son

Patty Maloney ...

This does not compute

Weirdly, you gave all the reasons Star Trek is better and then came to the opposite conclusion.


I'm sorry here-- no, wait I'm not-- I listened to this podcast without an opinion. As you carried on I realized just how sh*tty Star Wars is. How whiney and undeserving every member of the Skywalker lineage is and just how much better Star Trek is in everyway. You've got this wrong. The easy black and white of Star Wars is awful and silly. It's officially, lost it's charm for me. Especially, after killing the only character with real development in all of the movies- Han Solo (killed btw by another whiny annoying "chosen one" Skywalker). Give me Jean Luc, Data or Spock any day. Brains over midichlorians!