Tights and Fights Ep. 9: Total Nonstop Buyouts?

Danielle Radford, Hal Lublin and Mike Eagle (AKA The Nation of Conversation)
Hal Lublin
Danielle Radford
Mike Eagle

The first ever RAW Pay Per View, “Clash of Champions,” has come and gone… so why do Mike, Hal and Danielle feel unfulfilled? They’ll explain.

Plus, is it time for the suicide dive to be banned from WWE the same way that Pile-driver has been? A certain spiked-swiss Superman may think so after what happened this weekend.

And there are plenty of rumors about a sale of TNA on the horizon. One of the potential buyers is none other than Vince McMahon and WWE. We'll discuss what WWE has to gain but purchasing the brand.

All that, including why Hal is so taken with Ziggler’s tears from Smackdown, why Danielle might have found another wrestler to love almost as much as Sasha Banks, why Mike is struggling to continue to watch RAW... And we'll finally talk about Lucha Underground for a little bit.

Hosted by Hal Lublin, Danielle Radford and Mike Eagle

Produced by Julian Burrell for Maximum Fun.

The three count:

Danielle put over Bianca Blair’s performance at the NXT combine.

Mike put over John Cena on talking smack.

Hal put over Jericho’s dumb heel moment from this week’s Highlight Reel.

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