Stop Podcasting Yourself 188 - Moshe Kasher

Moshe Kasher

Comedian and author Moshe Kasher returns to talk about haters, dressing for TV, and Occupy Wall Street.

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Single data point and all, but: my 9-year-old will totally watch gameplay videos on YouTube for HOURS. She would much rather do this than watch TV, for example. Not so much Call of Duty but a lot of Minecraft and various Wii games.

There is a whole genre around commentary over gameplay videos on YouTube -- whole channels with hundreds or maybe thousands of videos. And they're pretty popular! But I doubt it would work on TV.


Moshe's first show was my favorite SPY episode and I re-listened more than several times. Best guest for real. The back and forth between Dave and Moshe was priceless. The fact other people were offended makes it even more entertaining to me. I actually was listening to the next episode and when you guys mentioned Moshe was the previous guest. I had to pause that one and listen to this. Worth it.

By the way there is nothing wrong with hypocrisy if you treat it right. I've talked with my friend about this. When you just forwardly admit you contradict yourself and you don't think it's anything it really befuddles people.

Great show - and the Last Airbender

Great show, as always, guys. I rather enjoyed Moshe's perspective on haters. But also, re the Last Airbender... the quality of the movie might be put in context if you knew that it was based on a cartoon series. The series was really very good, in four seasons. The movie represented the first season, and I think they did an OK job getting everything in. But I could totally see why people think it's crap.

Moshe Kasher

I don't want to sound like a hater, but I don't know what's wrong with telling the host of a show that you didn't like the guest. In fact, I'm inclined to agree with the person posting above who said that Moshe Kasher likes to hear himself talk; he seems quite self-absorbed. Obviously I'm being the most civil I can about it.

Maybe it's just that Dave and Graham have a much more mellow approach to this show, and his personality just wasn't a good fit for it. I think Mr. Kasher might just need hosts who are a bit more aggressive with their guests for it to really click.


That is why it's so great. Compared to Dave's mild manners and Graham's positivity, Moshe balances it right the fuck out. At least it works for me.

Better this time....but....

I liked Moshe better this time...I "get" his humor and have gotten to hear him on other podcasts, and I will listen to his podcast as I think he is funny. But I don't buy this whole "not putting toxins out there" (basically if you don't like something and have the AUDACITY to say it, then you are putting toxins out in the world.) When Moshe was on before, his joke about his sister was out there....I didn't like it. Sorry. But just as he has the right to tell his jokes....he has to expect that not everyone is going to love all that he does and they have the right to comment. Hopefully not in a hateful way.

Moshe told about his comments on Chaz Bono and the tallest Kardashian girl(can't remember her name)....I bet they would be rolling in the aisles if they heard what he said about them! It's weird that it is alright for him to slam them in a very public forum, but it someone disagrees with his sensitive "wit", his panties get in a wad.

His fallback is "I'm just kidding"....I guess I'm kidding then when I say, Moshe, "grow a pair."

Sincerely, "Someone"

Sincerely, "Someone"

The Best of Times

Great guest and bleep the haters. Doing "pig-out mall" all by yourself still makes me laugh.

Welcome back Moshe Kashar!

Welcome back Moshe Kashar! Sweary or not sweary.

awesome podcast, folks!

that was great. thanks for that, fellas.

Great hosts, mediocre guest

Great job as usual from Dave and Graham - but wow does Moshe ever like to hear himself talk. That was a little painful at times (political diatribes? totally ignoring the segments? Yikes).

I wasn't crazy about his

I wasn't crazy about his earlier appearance (it wasn't bad, just not my taste, I like Maxfun podcasts because they're ridiculously positive), but I thought everyone was really funny this time. And if it went a bit long, that really just seems like a plus.

wholeheartedly disagree. I

wholeheartedly disagree. I haven't laughed this hard at a podcast in a long time. his style of comedy blends really well with dave and graham's and all his comments were relevant.

don't be so negative.

Mosh.0 FTW.

Mosh.0 FTW.