Stop Podcasting Yourself 175 - Paul Bae

Paul Bae

Comedian Paul Bae returns after many years to talk about the splits, goths, and Netflix. Then we play a round of Celebrity Crush Hat.

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And don't forget about ADULTERY
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Not bummer summers

Herr Freeze

Art of War 2

Yecccchs vs. Sever

Christian The Lion

That autistic basketball kid

Van Damme splits

Billy Ray Parker

The Crow

Urban Legends

The Prince and the Pauper

Joel Matlin for Alarmforce

DJ Qualls

UN Peacekeepers

Crazy On You

The 9-11 of faces

Farrah Fawcett

TJ Hooker, starring Heather Locklear as Farrah Fawcett

Alexandra Paul

Empire Records

History of Hotties

Clamshell Lady

Sherri Martel