Stop Podcasting Yourself 142 - Peter Oldring

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Peter Oldring

Peter Oldring of This Is That joins us to talk crank calls, divas, and which Gyllenhaal is prettier.

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Flashdance ass pants


Erno Rubik

Martha Stewart's Carpet

Lopez Tonight

Sega Dreamcast

Miss Jackson, if you're nasty


Cleopatra's haircut

David Suzuki

Pat Kelly, coffee spokesman

Erno Jenner

Penny farthing

Who's prettier?

Sexy Crocs

Jungle Jack Hanna

Not the Cindy Crawford movie

Hivvin' it

Nash Bridges of Madison County

Father Dowling


4 BOYZ with the juice

Chaz and Vinnie (we talked about this in episode 20, apparently)


Great Episode guys, had me

Great Episode guys, had me laughing my ass off on my way to work. I had seen Peter in a couple things and damn he is a funny guy. Not as funny as Dave and Graham of course