Stop Podcasting Yourself 139


Dave and Graham go without a guest and talk about international waters, phony bands, and no references from post-2004.

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The R.H.C.P.

As Long As You Love Me

Lord Kitchener

Dave interviewing Andrew Lloyd Webber

Tits on the Radio

Short pants and Mary-Janes

Maskplay and cloakplay

Islands in the Stream

The still-alive Tommy LaSorda

Die Antwoord


Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing

Predicting Montel's cancellation

Mr. Monopoly

Rock On

Chester Cheetah

Cheetah Energy Drink

Frank Langella

Penis Mortgage

Raccoon coats

Dave doesn't get it

Dippin' Dots


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I always read this blog

I always read this blog before I listen to a new episode! It's one of my favorite parts...

Was that interview you did with Emmett Hall?

japanese restaurant story

Hey, just wanted to say that the guy who was being a slob in the japanese place Graham went to wasn't really going with the japanese customs. In their culture its frowned upon to blow your nose in public, and talk while eating.