Stop Podcasting Yourself 120 - Simon King

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Simon King

Comedian Simon King returns to talk about kids today, shirtlessness, and fictional sandwiches.

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Box office flop

Bill Cosby's rap

Macho Man's rap

Logan's Run

Mr. Wilson

Street Luging

Wing tattoos

That Claire Danes video


Miami Sound Machine

Your Love Is My Drug

Recumbent Bike

Jeff Conaway

Oh, the line's in the trailer

Dagwood sandwich

Orson's Farm

The Littlest Hobo

Guess the sex


Fire Hydrants

As possibly your only Black..uhh African American listener I feel obliged to let you know that the fire hydrants were usually turned on by the fire department. However some people did own the "giant wrench" and could turn them on also. They were usually reported to the police and turned off as soon as possible. I believe this is a northeast American phenomenon...uhh thang.