April 17 Newsletter: New Video Game Podcast!

Posted by Stacey Molski on 20th April 2020

This week is particularly exciting because we just launched a BRAND NEW SHOW! And it’s ABOUT TIME we had a video game podcast, right? Alright, let’s get into it!


NEW SHOW: Triple Click!

Maddy MyersJason Schreier, and Kirk Hamilton are launching their brand new show Triple Click on Maximum Fun! These folks are genuine video game experts who’ve been reporting on games and podcasting together for years (formerly on Kotaku Splitscreen). They know their stuff and they are, of course, super fun and nice! The MaxFun staff video game slack channel was VERY excited to learn that these folks were coming on board.

Maddy, Jason, and Kirk know that video games are serious business. Except when they’re not serious at all. Triple Click will be your weekly source for video game industry news, answers to your burning questions, and insights into the biggest new games.

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Updates from shows!

Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy have officially been making My Brother, My Brother and Me for TEN YEARS now! Congrats to these boys for ten years of good goofs. To mark the occasion, they’ve changed their cover art for the first time, so be sure to refresh your podcast app’s artwork if it needs to be refreshed manually. And send a thanks to the McElroys for ten years of fun and for all the great livestreams they’ve been doing for y’all!

We Got This with Mark and Hal are doing another LIVE Clean Slate episode!  They’ll be streaming via YouTube tonight, so you be sure to head over there around 5:30 PT/ 8:30 ET to watch the live show. If you’d like to suggest topics, please tweet @wegotthistweets and if you’d like to check out their last Live Clean Slate ep while you’re waiting, you can watch that here.

I know I’ve mentioned John Hodgman’s daily instagram chat show, GET YOUR PETS, in past emails, but I wanted to highlight it up here – especially since you can now watch Instagram Live videos on your computer. All you need to do is log in to Instagram on your computer and look for the pink LIVE button next to someone’s name. John has been doing these every weekday and they are a true beam of light and joy. I saw baby emus the other day. You should really try to watch one! Times vary but they are usually at 1pm PT/ 4pm ET.

Dave Hill’s second comedy album, The Pride of Cleveland, is streaming exclusively on Pandora now. If you don’t have Pandora, you can pre-order the album here. Dave is also “joeling” people for charity. You can Get Joeled for 20 bucks on Cameo. All proceeds go to No Kid Hungry. Get Joeled! (I  mean, do what you want, I’ve just discovered that I really enjoy telling people to Get Joeled).

Speaking of hosts doing fun things for charity, Graham Clark is creating and selling beard paintings. If you’re not familiar with a beard painting, it’s when you use your beard as a paintbrush of course. Graham’s beard paintings are LEGIT and all proceeds go to a good cause. .Get beardpainted!
That doesn’t work as well as Get Joeled, but still. Get one.

Who Shot Ya? hosts Ify Nwadiwe, Alonso Duralde, and Drea Clark played a rousing game of YOU DON’T KNOW MY LIFE! with the game creators Dennis Hensley and Jeb Havens. What movie would a potential spouse of theirs need to appreciate for things to work? Watch these delightful folks on the MaxFun YouTube Channel and find out!

Livestreams and more!

This past week:

Griffin McElroy Plays Animal Crossing
Justin McElroy on Geocaching
Clint McElroy Stories from Your Gaffer
John Hodgman’s Get Your Pets

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We Got This Clean Slate LIVE

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Jesus Ambrosio, Producer
Jesus has been doing a doodle-a-day for over a month! You can click the images to see them close up.

“Howdy Maxfunsters! I’m Jesus Ambrosio, producer here at Maximum Fun. I work for NPR’s Bullseye. I’m also a producer for Round Springfield with Allie and Julia. Occasionally an editor for Judge John Hodgman, too. To keep myself busy I’ve been doing a-doodle-a-day. In a recent Bullseye interview, comic artist Lynda Barry told Jesse Thorn that anybody can draw. I took her word for it. So far I’ve been at it for 33 days! (Forgot to do one on 3/26, but that didn’t discourage me to keep going). Other hobbies I have picked up include brewing my own beer – and doing daily 30 minute dance aerobics with my mom.”

a piece of notebook paper covered in doodlesa piece of notebook paper half covered in doodles

That’s it for this week! We’ll have another update for ya next week!

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