June 29, 2020 Newsletter: Pride, Old Friends, and a Double Feature

Posted by Stacey Molski on 29th June 2020

Shows this week fell into a few natural categories, so I’ve split things up three ways. First, a few shows about Pride (both to educate and celebrate); second, two shows that had visits from old MaxFun hosts; and third, two shows that just happened to do an episode about the same movie. I’m sure that happens in podcasts a lot, but it really delighted me that they picked the same topic.

Suggested Listening:

Special episodes for Pride:

Jarrett and Tre’vell are joined by writer/comedian Dwayne Kennedy and journalist Shar Jossell in this week for the ep Black Trans Lives Matter. In this episode, they talk about performative wokeness and the reaction to the phrase “All Black Lives Matter.” It’s meant to amplify the voices of Black Trans people and others who face violence in the community, but it’s receiving some pushback. So check out this great episode and as Tre’vell reminds us – the fight for justice is a marathon, not a relay. Stay in it.


James Arthur is joined by guest host Avi Roque this week for Minority Korner’s Pride Celebration episode! They talk about some things to watch, like Pose and the Disclosure documentary (featuring FANTI host Tre’vell Anderson!). Plus, discussions about Marsha P. Johnson and the origins of Pride, parenting without gender, and putting on ‘armor’ while Queer. All this and more on this week’s episode of Minority Korner!


One extra suggestion: Generally on Shmanners, husband and wife team Travis and Teresa McElroy focus on how to handle certain situations with the right etiquette. This week, they break format a bit to give you the bios of six transgender historical figures. So go learn about some folks! Also, advertising proceeds from this episode are going to support the Marsha P. Johnson Institute and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project. Feel free to join them in donating!

A visit from old friends:

Founding co-host, Allegra Ringo (virtually) swings by Can I Pet Your Dog? to chat with Renee and Alexis about her experience fostering FIVE kittens! It’s always fun to hear Allegra on the show (even when she is talking more about cats than dogs). Don’t worry, she does talk about her neighbor dog named Honey Lemon, so she is still a small dog lover. Tons of folks have been adopting and fostering during quarantine, and that makes me happy. I think this ep will make you happy, so have at it!

We Got This hosts Mark and Hal get a visit from past MaxFun host Jonah Ray (of Jonah Raydio and Mystery Science Theatre 3K fame)! In this episode, they talk about the history of film in LA and enough LA-based movies to ultimately determine: the Best LA Movie. So go watch your favorite movies set in LA and then dive into this ep so you can shout your support or disagreements at your phone!


Podcast double feature:

I know that there are only so many things to talk about on podcasts, and that, logically, shows are doing episodes about the same thing all the time. But it really delighted me to see that both Who Shot Ya? and Friendly Fire reviewed the same movie this past week: Spike Lee’s new film, Da 5 Bloods.

Every week on Friendly Fire, Ben Harrison, Adam Pranica, and John Roderick talk about a different war movie, whereas the crew of Who Shot Ya? (Alonso Duralde, Drea Clarke, and Ify Nwadiwe) explore many genres. There’s no guest on Friendly Fire this week, but Who Shot Ya? is joined by special guest Demi Adejuyigbe (The Good Place)! This podcast movie coincidence seems like the perfect excuse to watch a new movie and listen to a couple of new podcasts. You can find Da 5 Bloods on Netflix and both Friendly Fire and Who Shot Ya? on maximumfun.org or your favorite podcast app.



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