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So... You're Canadian with Dave Hill Episode 13: Darren Elmore

Darren Elmore

Another Tuesday, another seriously Canadian episode of So... You're Canadian with Dave Hill. This week, Dave chats with comedian and Sussex, New Brunswick native Darren Elmore, who gives Dave the 411 on being a "Sussexual." It's wild.
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Stop Podcasting Yourself 609 - Morgan Brayton

Morgan Brayton

Comedian Morgan Brayton returns to talk about amateur plumbers, key parties, Dave’s new Halloween song, UFC, and the greatest Marilyn Manson joke you will ever hear.

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Dead Pilots Society Live w/ Melissa Fumero (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) Brendan Scannell (Heathers), Asif Ali (Wrecked) and more!

12/07/2019 - 16:30 - 18:30
Los Angeles
Venue Name: 
The Hollywood Improv, 8162 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

In Dead Pilots Society, scripts that were developed by studios and networks but were never produced are given the table reads they deserve. Starring actors you know and love from television and film, a live audience, and a good time in which no one gets notes, no one is fired, and everyone laughs. Presented by Andrew Reich (Friends, Worst Week) and Ben Blacker (The Writers Panel podcast; co-creator, Thrilling Adventure Hour).

Joe Port & Joe Wiseman (The Last O.G., New Girl, The Office)
Brig Muñoz-Liebowitz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, People of Earth)

Melissa Fumero (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
Asif Ali (Wrecked)
Brendan Scannell (Heathers)
David Fumero (Power, LA's Finest)
Eddie Shin (American Housewife, Alexa & Katie)
Chelsea Devantez (Bless This Mess)


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The Jackie and Laurie Show #203: How Is This Entertainment?


This week on The Jackie and Laurie Show, straws, I welcome an interruption, hard to find porn where you feel the fear, and water polo mom.

Comic of the Week: Jade Catta-Preta @jadeCattaPreta

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Ross Meets Nathan H. Lents: Human Errors Edition


Ross sits down at CSICon 2019 with scientist, professor and author Nathan H. Lents to talk about his latest book Human Errors. Find out why we no longer make our own Vitamin C, why we can't absorb the Vitamin B12 we do make, and what's up with sinuses, childbirth, junk DNA and Intelligent Design.

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Episode 53: Lesley Clocks

Freya Parker
Moujan Zolfaghari
Nick Wiger
Heather Campbell
Jake Yapp
Gemma Arrowsmith
Tom Crowley
Nathaniel Metcalfe
Clarissa Maycock

Freya Parker joins in for this episode in which we speak to Lesley Clocks, the sister of Kenrin Clocks, who was badly injured on a Danish Hog Farm.

By Freya Parker, Sarah Dempster, Moujan Zolfaghari, Nick Wiger, Heather Campbell, Jake Yapp, Mike Wozniak, Henry Paker, Gemma Arrowsmith, Cromerty York, Tom Crowley, Elis James, Nathaniel Metcalfe and Clarissa Maycock.

Stock media provided by Setuniman/ and Soundrangers/

So… You’re Canadian with Dave Hill LIVE!

11/30/2019 - 02:00 - 03:30
Portland, OR
Venue Name: 
Kelly's Olympian

Dave Hill isn't from Canada. But his grandfather Clarence Blake was, and he wouldn't shut up about it. Still, Dave wondered: what do we really know about these Canadians? So every Tuesday, Dave attempts to get to know our neighbors to the north - one Canadian at a time. And yeah, of course he talks about curling, poutine, Bachman-Turner Overdrive and a bunch of other awesome Canadian stuff too.

As part of Portland’s Ha Ha Harvest Comedy Festival, Dave Hill will be recording a special live edition of So… You’re Canadian with Dave Hill, mentioned earlier.

With special guests:
Heidi Brander is a Canadian Comedy Award winning writer and comedian best known for her work as a writer and performer on CBC's This Hour Has 22 Minutes. She has written for a number of TV series including Baroness Von Sketch Show, Still Standing, Spun Out and MTV Live.

Will Weldon is a comedian and all-around wise ass living in Los Angeles. He's performed shows across both Canada and the United States, and was a semi-finalist in the Seattle International Comedy Competition, where The Stranger, Seattle's alternative weekly paper, declared he was "funny as shit."
Show starts at 2PM Doors at 1:30 at the historic Kelly's Olympian (426 SW Washington)

Tickets are $10 ADV or $15 at the door:

Or, INCLUDED with festival weekend wristband that you can purchase on

Troubled Waters Ep 19: Poutine vs Acorn Mush

Troubled Waters
Shelby Fero
DC Pierson
Joey Greer
Christine Medrano

Joey Greer, Shelby Fero, DC Pierson, and Christine Medrano join Dave Holmes to decide once and for all, what new side dish must be present at every American Thanksgiving

Team Poutine

Joey Greer and Christine Medrano

Team Acorn Mush

Shelby Fero and DC Pierson

This week, our teams argue about various Thanksgiving faux pas, make up Thanksgiving carols, and special guest Benjamin Partridge comes by for a special trivia segment!

Shelby Fero wants to plug I'm 25 Now and recommends Rebecca Kirby, @reweki

DC Pierson wants to plug his Winter Soldier comic and Crap Kingdom and recommends the album Skulls Example by Dear Nora

Christine Medrano wants to plug her short film I Think She Likes You and recommends Dua Lipa's new single Don't Start Now

Joey Greer wants to plug his sketch comedy album Good Night and recommends that viral video of the teacher that hugs her kids after class.

And Finally, Dave Holmes is on Twitter @DaveHolmes and recommends Queen Pillow's 

Find us on Twitter! We are @TroubledPod and you can also find us on Facebook.

Call us on the official Troubled Waters hotline! Our number is 323-300-4984. Our producers will have a new prompt for you to answer and we may just use your call on the show

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Written by Riley Silverman and John-Luke Roberts, recorded at MaxFunHQ in LA and produced by Christian Dueñas and Laura Swisher.

Ep. 48: Go Fact Yourself with Jenny Jaffe & Jim Rash

Dr. David Kersey, J. Keith van Straaten, Jim Rash, Helen Hong, Jenny Jaffe
Jenny Jaffe & Jim Rash
Dr. David Kersey & Jonathan Lynn

Mysteries will be solved and species saved on this episode of Go Fact Yourself!

Jenny Jaffe is a comedy writer who grew up with an obsession for 90’s Nickelodeon animated shows. Her career has now come full circle: she’s landed a gig to writing for the upcoming version of "Rugrats!" She’ll tell us about that and some of her other obsessions that haven’t been a part of her work.. yet.

Jenny will take on actor/writer Jim Rash. Jim is a pretty accomplished guy. He’s known for his role as Dean Craig Pelton on NBC’s "Community." He’s also won an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for the film The Descendants. But in spite of his success, he’s still not above searching for some quality advice on Instagram… even if he has trouble following it. You can hear Jim now as the voice of Gyro Gearloose on the new version "DuckTales."

This week’s trivia topics include moisturizing, basket weaving and cuddly critters.

This episode is sponsored by Fake Radio: America’s premier old-time-radio comedy troupe. To find out more about their show and how to attend their live performances, visit

What’s the Difference: It puts the lotion in the basket

What’s the difference between lotion and ointment?

What’s the difference between rattan and wicker?

Areas of Expertise

Jenny Jaffe: 90’s Disney movies, anxiety disorders and phobias, and pandas

Jim Rash: Sid and Marty Krofft shows, The movie Clue, and giving advice to others that he doesn’t take.

Appearing in this episode:

J. Keith van Straaten
Helen Hong

Jim Rash and Jenny Jaffe

Jenny Jaffe
Jim Rash

With guest experts:

Dr. David Kersey and Jenny Jaffe

Dr. David Kersey, professor of veterinary sciences and giant panda reproduction expert.

Jonathan Lynn, director of the film Clue.

Go Fact Yourself was devised by Jim Newman and J. Keith van Straaten, and produced in collaboration with Maximum Fun. The show was recorded at The Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles.

Theme Song by Jonathan Green.

Maximum Fun's Senior Producer is Laura Swisher.
The show is edited by Julian Burrell.
Go to for information and tickets to the next recording of Go Fact Yourself!

Who Shot Ya? Episode 115: 'Last Christmas' and Getting to the Bottom of "Maclunkey" with Matthew D'Ambrosio

Who Shot Ya?
Matthew D'Ambrosio

Last Christmas

This isn't our Christmas episode, but you could have fooled me! Drea takes over hosting duties this week as the crew is joined by TV writer Matthew D'Ambrosio (The Vampire Diaries, The Witcher). Much to the delight of Alonso, we discuss Paul Feig's Christmas movie Last Christmas. We chat about other Holiday films. And, as always, we've got staff picks.

In news, the world searches for the true meaning of "Macklunkey," Christian Bale is done transforming his body, and Stephen King still has a gripe with The Shining.

Staff Picks:

Drea - Long Shot
Alonso - Spirited Away
Matthew - Kwaidan

With Drea Clark, Alonso Duralde, and Matthew D'Ambrosio.

You can let us know what you think of Who Shot Ya? on Twitter or Facebook. Or email us at

Call us on the "Who Shotline" - WSY-803-1664

Produced by Casey O'Brien and Laura Swisher for

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