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Pop Rocket Goes to USC to Teach the Kids Why Pop Culture Matters

Pop Rocket

It’s the first live episode of Pop Rocket. Professor Karen Tongson invited the panel to give a lesson on why pop culture matters, with a focus on the past decade. You’ll learn what pop culture of the 2010s will last, and what culture won’t be remembered. Plus we’ll hear from some of Karen’s students, including a special jam brought to the show by Clayton. You won’t want to miss this must-listen episode!

All Abouts

Margaret: Out for Blood

Karen: Shrill

Wynter: The Fox-Disney merger

That's My Jam

Margaret: Lizzo - Cuz I Luv You

Clayton: 4 Non Blondes - What’s Up

Wynter: Beyonce feat. Frank Ocean - Superpower

Karen: Guy Branum, Karen Tongson, Margaret Wappler, Wynter Mitchell-Rohrbaugh

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Who Shot Ya? Episode 81: A Monster Mash! The Gang Discusses 'A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night' and Underappreciated Monster Movies with Mallory O'Meara

Who Shot Ya?
Mallory O'Meara

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

They did the mash. They did the "Monster Mash." You all requested an all female episode of 'Who Shot Ya?' centered around a conversation on monsters, and we delivered! April Wolfe takes over hosting duties and chats it up with our friend, Drea Clark, and 'Reading Glasses' host, Mallory O'Meara. The crew discusses the 2014 vampire western, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. Plus, they unearth all their favorite underappreciated monster movies. Mallory talks about her new book, The Lady from the Black Lagoon: Hollywood Monsters and the Lost Legacy of Milicent Patrick. And as always, we've got staff picks.

In news, CEO Kevin Tsujihara leaves Warner Bros, James Gunn returns as Guardians of the Galaxy director, and Penelope Spheeris tells Hollywood to "blow me."

Staff Picks:

April - I Walked with a Zombie
Drea - Pan's Labyrinth
Mallory - When Animals Dream

With April Wolfe, Drea Clark, and Mallory O'Meara

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Tights and Fights Ep. 135: How wrestling can save and end lives w/ WWE Films’ Daron Jackson

Daron Jackson

Happy #MaxFunDrive! For our second episode of the week, Hal, Danielle and Lindsey are joined by Daron Jackson. He’s a production attorney for WWE Studios and a lifelong wrestling fan. He’ll recount tons of details about his fandom throughout the years from making snow angels with CM Punk at an ROH show to crying at the Undertaker’s WrestleMania 29 entrance.

Plus, he’ll explain what it’s like to interact with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H during the film-release process, how he managed to land a job in the WWE machine and how the new film Fighting with my Family signals a change in the creative direction of WWE studios.

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Hosted by Hal Lublin, Danielle Radford and Lindsey Kelk and Daron Jackson

Produced by Julian Burrell for Maximum Fun.

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Beef And Dairy Network Podcast - Episode 45 - Buying A Bull

Freya Parker
Daniel Rigby

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Freya Parker and Daniel Rigby join in for this episode, which provides a guide to buying a bull.

By Benjamin Partridge, Freya Parker and Daniel Rigby.

Stock media provided by Setuniman/ and Soundrangers/

Ep. 32: Go Fact Yourself with Guy Branum & Emily Heller

Margaret Cho, J. Keith van Straaten, Guy Branum, Helen Hong, Emily Heller
Guy Branum & Emily Heller
Margaret Cho, Emily Saliers

In honor of the #MaxFunDrive, Go Fact Yourself presents a special network crossover!

Guy Branum is a comedian and host of the podcast "Pop Rocket". He's also a pop culture savant, as detailed in his book My Life as a Goddess. If you want to know more about the pop culture he loves, you'll have to read the book… but he's happy to provide a glimpse through some of his answers today.

His opponent is a fellow comedian for whom he has a lot of respect (and fear): Emily Heller! You can hear her as the host of the podcast "Baby Geniuses". Her show is all about explaining things. Today she’ll key in on a very important topic: Martha Stewart's barnyard animals.

From personal heroes to classic television to the subtleties of regional coffee pot designs, this episode has it all.

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What’s the difference: Coffee/Coughy

What’s the difference between a teapot and a coffee pot?

What’s the difference between phlegm and mucus?

Guy Branum and Emily Heller

Areas of Expertise

Emily Heller: The TV show "Frasier," the musical group Indigo Girls and how to have a good time at Disneyland.

Guy Branum: Academy Award nominees for best actress, the TV show "30 Rock" and grains.

Appearing in this episode:

J. Keith van Straaten
Helen Hong
Guy Branum
Emily Heller

With guest experts:

Emily Saliers, Grammy Award winning musician and one-half of Indigo Girls.

Margaret Cho, comedian and actress.

Go Fact Yourself was devised by Jim Newman and J. Keith van Straaten, and produced in collaboration with Maximum Fun. The show was recorded at The Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles.

Theme Song by Jonathan Green.
Maximum Fun's Senior Producer is Laura Swisher.
The show is edited by Julian Burrell.

MaxFunDrive 2019 week ONE recap!


Week one of the 2019 MaxFunDrive is drawing to a close, and while we had some bumps at the very start, we’re ending the week on a high note. Why? Because as of this writing, 7,901 of you have started or upgraded a monthly membership. To give you some perspective, that’s significantly higher than double-occupancy capacity of world’s largest cruise ship (so cancel your plans for a Caribbean vacation with all of your fellow MaxFun members). Thank you SO MUCH to all of you who have already shown up to support your favorite shows!

But this week was action packed beyond our progress toward our goal of 25,000 new and upgrading members. For one thing, we released the long awaited MaxFun Dream Date footage, where you can see Ross and Carrie (of Oh No, Ross and Carrie!) treat long-time listener and superfan Mya to flowers, chocolate, a massage, a delicious dinner, and an exclusive live show in the comfort of her home. Is it a podcast match made in heaven? Or does Mya NEXT ONRAC? Watch and find out, and then support the MaxFun podcasts you’re crushing on at; after all, this special date was a result of us smashing our network-wide goal last year. Who knows what stretch goals we have in store for this year?

The second week of the drive holds some of our favorite MFD traditions, which we are eagerly looking forward to. First off, MaxFun Meet-Up Day is happening this Tuesday, March 26th at 7:00 PM local time. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make connections with folks in your area with built-in shared interests because, let’s face it, it’s tough to make friends as an adult, and the knowledge you can show up at a place, shout “GHOST HORSE” and get some nods of recognition is a huge relief, right? And if your city isn’t on the list yet, just pick a place, commit to showing up yourself, and send the info to We’ll add it to the list, and that’s ALL you need to do to make it official.

Finally, while we still have AN ENTIRE week between now and then, a wise man (Stephen Covey) once said “begin with the end in mind,” and we AGREE. The end of the 2019 MaxFunDrive will be marked with a live show extravaganza on Friday, March 29th at 4 PM PDT, 7 PM EDT, and it’s sure to be a ridiculous, playful, unmissable blast. If you’re a member who is a Los Angeles local (or just happen to be in town for the day), there’s still a handful of spots available to join us in person. Admission is free, but RSVP is required (so we have enough snacks) -- check your email for the invite. If you can’t make it or will be in one of the many non-LA places in the world, don’t worry, we’ll be live-streaming the festivities. Tune in and help us close out this year’s greatest week of podcasting!

We hope everyone is enjoying all of the live-streaming, tweeting, facebooking, special-guest-having, and more that's happening! And thanks again for your amazing support!

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 576: Live at SF Sketchfest with Tony Hale and John Roderick

Tony Hale
John Roderick

Tony Hale (Veep, Arrested Development, Mr. Roboto VW Commercial) and John Roderick (The Long Winters, Friendly Fire) join Jordan and Jesse live on stage at The Punchline comedy club in San Francisco as part of the 2019 SF Sketchfest. They give away the infamous "Destroy the West" robot, play a game delving into the obscure corners of Reddit, and John Roderick pulls of a musical magic trick with the help of some very talented musicians in the audience.

This special extra live episode is coming to you in celebration of the MaxFunDrive! This is the best time of year to support the MaxFun shows you love, including Jordan, Jesse, Go!

Go to right now!

Sawbones: Broken Heart Syndrome


This week on Sawbones to celebrate the Maximum Fun Drive we've got a special crossover episode with Shmanners! Let's talk about broken heart syndrome (which is exactly what we'll have if you don't donate!)

Subscribe on iTunes! then, tweet about or follow the show on Twitter (@Sawbones) so all your friends and family can be as horrified and entertained as you.

Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers

Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: Netflix's 'Norsemen' co-creators Jon Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen

Jon Iver Helgaker
Jonas Torgersen

New to Bullseye? Subscribe to our podcast in iTunes or with your favorite podcatcher to make sure you automatically get the newest episode every week.

Photo: Netflix

Netflix's Norsemen co-creators Jon Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen

WARNING: There's some talk about sexual assault in this conversation. Nothing graphic, just some discussion of the use of it in comedy, in the abstract. If you're sensitive to these kinds of topics, we figured we'd give you a heads up.

Jon Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen join us to discuss their hit Norwegian show Norsemen. It's a sitcom about vikings. It has a particularly Norwegian sense of comedy. Deadpan but brutal. It's set around the year 790 AD. Throughout the series we see the villagers and vikings deal with daily life. The vikings pillage. The vikings fight amongst themselves. They sacrifice slaves.

The jokes are great. Sometimes it's straight-faced like The Office, sometimes they play it big and absurd like Monty Python. Except, the violence is real, and their actions have real consequences to the storyline. And at the heart of the show, modernity is closing in on them. New inventions. New norms. Pillaging towns doesn't pay like it used to.

Jon and Jonas will give us a behind the scenes look at the show. Plus,
they'll explain Taco Friday: the latest food craze in Norway. The first two seasons of Norsemen are available to stream on Netflix now.

Trump Tops all Tweet Tirades, Christchurch Shooting, Does Hot Tea Cause Cancer?, The Economist’s Anti-Trans Tweet, Jekyll & Hyde Movie Musical, Chick Fil-A Update, Brent’s 2020 Minute


Happy #MaxFunDrive!!!

Here are the timecodes:

INTRO 0:27

A Visit From Mr. Fundrive!
Bevs Like These
John Wick 3 Trailer


Hot Tea Causes Cancer?
The Economists Anti-Trans Tweet
Christchurch Shooting


They’re Makin’ a Dang Jekyll & Hyde Movie
Brent’s 2020 Minute
Chick Fil-a Never Stopped

WI-FIVE 1:10:15

OUTRO 1:11:45

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