Judge John Hodgman Episode 24: The Bedroom Three-way


College pals Corey, Tyler and Caitlyn are moving into a new apartment in the coming school year at Ball State University. The apartment has three bedrooms: two small, one gloriously spacious. Who deserves the biggest room? Corey, the eldest; Tyler, the musician; or Caitlyn, one of the current occupants?

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The floor plan in question.

Submitted by Corey
A photo of the organ he'd like to store in the biggest bedroom.

Submitted by Caitlyn
The state of Corey's current room.


Right decision in spite of crucial testimony lacking

Judge John made a good ruling with allowing the girl with apartment seniority to have the larger room, but I am surprised he did not take bathrooms into account. If the larger upstairs bedroom also has its own bathroom within the suite, of course the minority gender in the apartment should have the added privacy of her own bathroom.
And what graduate programs does Ball State offer so I can randomly pick one so that I can go there and live in one of these sweet apartments?

Ball State!

Once again, Ball State acquits itself well in the public arena. We have given you Letterman, Janet from Three's Company (the best one), Mac Tonight, and now these three very nice future hipster weirdos. You are welcome society. Truly, we are no longer just the UC Santa Cruz of the Midwest...

BSU Alumni

Don't forget about Papa John (Schnatter) and Steadman


This guy could be me from 15 years ago... same name, same level of bedroom cleanliness, and same interest in bizarre ephemera and vintage musical instruments. However, I could never afford a giant cheesy organ, nor could I actually play something on it.

Pizza and Pipes

I just wanted to mention that the Pizza and Pipes reference really sent me back. Went to WAY too many kindergarten birthday parties there when I was a kid.

Pizza and Pipes!

Yes! My favorite reference of the episode.