Judge John Hodgman Episode 146: Command Quit


John files suit against his son Quin, a video game enthusiast.

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Going nuclear

I must disagree with His Honor regarding the sidebar issue of the correct pronunciation of 'nuclear'. While the abuse of those who pronounce the word 'nucular' is widespread, it also wrong. Although infrequent, even professionals in the nuclear field will sometimes use this pronunciation. I have heard myself many times. Bush 43 has a lot of things to answer for, but this ain't one of them.
If the Judge does not believe me, let him call up friend Emily Brewster and see what she says.

Well its still wrong. You've

Well its still wrong. You've just typed a completely different word with different spelling

Professor Elemental

Never heard of him before. Went over to youtube to check him out.
Please get him on the show!

Slightly unfortunate

I must admit that, although a huge devotee of the podcast and Mr. Hodgman Himself, I was seriously saddened to hear the Judge say that Quin *should* be dating more. Forgive me for saying, but that is undoubtedly a fundamental flaw with our thinking on teenagers, that they *should* be ready, comfortable, and interested in romantic pursuits. Enjoy the unencumbered strength of independence and take the time to find out who you are, teenagers!

Insightful Ruling

Well done, Judge. I thought there might have been a bit of advice sympathetic to the dad advising Quin to get off the computer and DO something, spiced up with some choice quotes--"Youth is wasted on the young", George Bernard Shaw, or "Do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of." Benjamin Franklin.

But I thought the ruling hit the mark spot on. Parental hassling over wasting time on the computer (or whatever) is about wishing one hadn't wasted one's own youth.

And the main point--John can't just tell Quin to stop doing something, without offering something else to do instead.