Episode 14: Tight vs. Loose

Episode 14

2nd September 2019

Flula Borg, Blair Socci, Steph Tolev and Emily Duke join host, Dave Holmes to settle once and for all, does middle school suck?

Episode notes

Flula BorgBlair SocciSteph Tolev and Emily Duke join host, Dave Holmes to settle once and for all, does middle school suck?


Team Tight
Flula Borg and Emily Duke

Team Loose
Blair Socci and Steph Tolev


This week, it’s our back to school episode and our contestants share some truly insane school stories, tackle some punny questions, and argue over a childhood prank story sent in by a listener.

Flula Borg wants to plug his single “Self Care Sunday” and The Punies podcast.

Blair Socci wants to plug her upcoming live shows and the Blair and Greta show and recommends Robby Hoffman and Punkie Johnson.

Steph Tolev wants to plug her album I’m Not Well and Deb & Steph on Comedy Central and recommends Dave Ross’ new album.

Emily Duke wants to plug Garbage People and recommends Chris Gethard Presents.

And finally, Dave Holmes is on Twitter @DaveHolmes.


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Written by Riley Silverman and John-Luke Roberts, recorded at MaxFunHQ in LA and produced by Christian Dueñas and Laura Swisher.

In this episode...


  • Flula Borg
  • Emily Duke
  • Blair Socci
  • Steph Tolev

About the show

Troubled Waters is the pop culture quiz show where comedians disagree to disagree. Twice a month, Dave Holmes will stoke pointless arguments between two teams of comedians and make them compete against each other in order to settle their meaningless debates once and for all. Winner takes home the right to be right.

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