Episode 167: Only Slightly Inappropriate

Episode 167

31st October 2019

This week Lindsey and Danielle embrace the last week of wrestling before Blood Money Jewel! That includes Finn Balor’s heel turn, the women’s scene of NXT, the straining point of AEW and more.

Episode notes

This week Lindsey and Danielle embrace the last week of wrestling before Blood Money Jewel and its fall out is upon us. Speaking of the Saudi show, news came through prior to our recording that Natalia and Lacey Evans would be allowed to take part in a match at the event. However, this doesn’t solve all of the issues we have with the show. Far from it.

On the positive side, Finn Balor now has an exciting new direction as a heel for the first time in his WWE tenure. We’ll explain why this is the breath of fresh air that will endear him to fans now that he’s back in NXT.

On AEW there’s still a lot ot enjoy, including Cody forming the Nightmare family to take on Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle. But there are a few things to take issue with: For one, why has Kenny Omega not gotten the portrayal as a superstar that he’s more than capable of? And for another, why is the women’s scene in such a holding pattern, especially when compared to NXT’s incredibly deep counterparts?

The Three Count

Lindsey put over Asuka’s YouTube Channel.

Julian put over the Big Game Leroy.

Danielle put over the Sunny Kiss and Dustin Rhodes’ tag match on AEW Dark.

Hosted by Lindsey Kelk and Danielle Radford.

Produced by Julian Burrell for Maximum Fun.

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