Episode 15: Kim Gordon – “Is Art Really All Design Now?”

Episode 15

3rd September 2019

This week, we speak with Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth.

Episode notes

Episode 15: Kim Gordon – “Is Art Really All Design Now?”

Very happy to bring you another interview in a different kitchen – this time, the mighty Kim Gordon’s (kitchen) (and interview)!

I fairly idolized Kim for her presence in Sonic Youth, but I see her more now as an inspiration in how to live a creative life when life keeps getting longer.  I was privileged to attend the opening of her Wreaths show in LA a couple of years ago, not long after Aimee and I were lucky to catch an early live set of Body/Head, right around the time Kim was beginning to write her BOOK, etc., etc., you get the picture.  And I have trouble sticking to a podcast schedule.

Anyway, Kim’s a legend for good reason, and I thank her for sitting down with us and I’m glad we DIDN’T talk a ton about music, but more about life and her return to her first love, the visual arts.

Some links:

An example of the wreath art (that you can *purchase*) on Artsy.com: “Wreath Painting Northampton Blue” 2011

An article in the Pittsburgh City Paper about the Warhol museum exhibit, which, in classic timing for this podcast, as of the moment I’m writing this, literally closed two days ago: “Kim Gordon’s Lo-Fi Glamour exhibit at The Andy Warhol Museum is bold, crude, and dangerous”

Great footage of early-ish Sonic Youth (1983), live in Poitiers, Fr., with Kim on vocals.

Letterman performance of “Bull in the Heather

Free Kitten’s “What’s Fair” live at CB’s in 1994

Body/Head live & P’fork interview, St. Vitus, NYC 2013 (This is the show Aimee and I happened to be at, coincidentally)

And one of my all-time favorite’s of Kim’s, “Shadow of a Doubt

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