Episode 12: Jean Grae – “I Need to Create the Things That are Still Unseen”

Episode 12

20th June 2019

We speak with Jean Grae, hip-hop artist, writer, actor, singer, thinker… puppeteer?

Episode notes

Episode 12: Jean Grae – “I Need to Create the Things That are Still Unseen”

It’s JEAN GRAE, folks. Hip Hop artist, writer, actor, singer, thinker… puppeteer? Jean was born in South Africa, raised in New York City, and makes so so many many good good things.

IN THE INTRODUCTION, Aimee and I tackle some technical issues and try to figure out what a polymath is and try to figure out why it might be more fun to say my whole name?

IN THE INTERVIEW we start out with naps and animals, but eventually get to talking with Jean about her early life dancing, influences, from her parents (musicians both, links below) to Jim Henson, sci-fi murders, collaborating as a lone wolf, and why representation matters. Along the way, of course, discuss past and current projects, INCLUDING the one-woman show, “Jeanius,” that Jean’s putting on at Joe’s Pub in NYC this July THAT YOU SHOULD GO TO, AND a scripted series she’s writing, directing, composing the music for, hosting, and starring in, called “That’s Not How You Do That,” based on the series of instructional albums for adults, of the same name, she put out a couple of years ago. I am told there are indeed puppets.

Links to all of that and MORE, right here:

“Jeanius” at Joe’s Pub

Jean Grae on Bandcamp

Jean and Quelle Chris’ “Everything’s Fine”

Abdullah Ibrahim, “Mannenberg”

Sathima Bea Benjamin, “Africa”


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