Episode 11: Emily Nussbaum – “The Trick is to Find the Third Thing”

Episode 11

4th June 2019

We speak with Emily Nussbaum, the former editor of Nerve, writer for Slate and the New York Times, and Culture Editor of New York magazine.

Episode notes

WE’RE BACK. A number of bumps in the road on the way to getting the last episode out resulted in the last episode becoming THIS episode; and THIS episode, is the Emily Nussbaum episode!
Emily is the former editor of Nerve, writer for Slate and the New York Times, Culture Editor of New York magazine, where she created the Approval Index (where I was over the moon to have once achieved a spot in the Lowbrow/Brilliant quadrant); current Television Critic at the New Yorker (that’s three of the five major periodicals with New York in the very title); she is a Pulitzer Prize winner and has a new book coming out called, “I Like to Watch: Arguing my Way Through the TV Revolution.”

This conversation was long and good. We covered deadlines, miniseries, “First Draft Men,” soaps, the evolutions, upheavals, and regressions of television, criticism as art?, and much much more.
In fact, this episode WOULD’VE been longer had not one of those aforementioned bumps in the road been a digital failure that made a section of talk unrecoverable. It was when we started to discuss the amazing #Pen15 (on Hulu); but I wound up dropping us back in (after the second break) to the middle of that section because I felt like to lose it entirely would also have been to lose where the conversation went from there, re. women and storytelling in the industry, and I didn’t want to lose that.

It’s not hard to follow, but if a stray reference to #Pen15 throws you off for a second, that’s why.
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