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We’ve seen the Sasquatch(es)! We head into the woods to talk wild animal actors, convincing bigfoot suits, bodily functions, and the legend of Sasquatch itself, with comedian and writer Joey Clift. Then, a new set of HALL OF EXCELLENCE nominations, this time for best non-speaking performance!

What’s Good
Alonso – It Was Vulgar and It Was Beautiful by Jack Lowery
Drea – wool dryer balls
Joey – Furiosa and Garfield coming out on the same day
Ify – Mammoth, moving, and some Warhammer inclusivity stuff


  1. At CinemaCon, NATO CEO Warns Studios Against Relying on Blockbusters
  2. At Coachella, Will Smith Makes a Surprise Appearance to sing ‘Men in Black’

Staff Picks
Drea – Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter
Alonso – Pom Poko (also callback to Hundreds of Beavers)
Joey – Fancy Dance
Ify – Monkey Man

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  • Joey Clift

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