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Vera Drew’s very personal, exceedingly irreverent, and definitely unauthorized THE PEOPLE’S JOKER got its TIFF premiere in 2022, but has been fighting a path to be (legally) shown in theaters ever since. That fight is finally over, and THE PEOPLE’S JOKER can be seen by the people…though certain folks seem to be forming their opinions on the movie sight-unseen. We get into the film, plus pitch our own “Code 17” movies (and yes, we’ll explain what that means!).

What’s Good
Alonso – American Genre Film Archive, and their 15th Anniversary series at USC
Drea – Midwesterners of NCAA Women’s Basketball All-Tournament Team
Ify – “I’m into fountain pens now”


  1. David Lynch Wants to Make An Animated Movie for the whole family
  2. Francis Ford Coppola Screened His Self-Funded Epic to Studios…So Who’s Buying?
  3. Disney Sets (and Re-Sets) a Ton of Movie Release Dates Through 2026

Staff PIcks
Alonso – Two for the Road
Drea – Rotting in the Sun
Ify – Between Two Ferns: The Movie

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