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You’ve heard the Plastics and the Art Freaks talk about their lives and loves. But what if you could hear them SING about it? That’s the service the new Mean Girls musical (adapted from the Broadway show) will provide, should you so desire. We’ve got writer/critic/musical theater wonk B.J. Colangelo with us to navigate the halls of the new North Shore High. Then, we’ll pitch some new grist for the book -> movie -> stage musical -> movie musical mill.

What’s Good
Alonso – Magic Coke Machine recipe
Drea – Ariel Bissett’s YouTube
BJ – Finding the Queen Beryl dress
Ify – Warhammer Old World and Sketchfest


Staff Picks
Drea – Totem
Alonso – Heathers the Musical (Live Stage Capture) on Roku
BJ – Crush
Ify – The Nice Guys

Little Women “Christopher Columbus” video

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  • B.J. Colangelo

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