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We’ve been keeping tabs on today’s movie for a while — either a couple years or a couple decades, depending on how you count it. To discuss the movie musical adaptation of the stage musical adaptation of the movie adaptation of Alice Walker’s classic novel, we brought in Tre’vell Anderson, noted Fantasia Barrino expert (and also a journalist, author, critic and expert in other things).

What’s Good
Alonso – The Cannon Film Guide, Volume I by Austin Trunick
Drea – try turning it off and on again
Tre’vell – customized ice cream
Ify – “StIfy-core“


  1.  Chelsea Handler Hosted the Critics Choice Awards… 
  2. Broadway’s Shucked Is Becoming a Movie
  3. Paramount Marketing Exec Doesn’t Want to Call new Mean Girls a Musical

Staff Picks
Drea – Advice on Sundance Advance Online ticket sales (Dìdi (弟弟), Exhibiting Forgiveness, In the Summers, The Mother of All Lies, FRIDA)
Alonso – The Burial of Kojo
Tre’vell – Camp
Ify – Port Authority

Historically Black Phrases Live

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