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It’s been two decades since Richard Curtis’s Love Actually warmed our chilly W. Bush-era hearts, and oh what a pair of decades it’s been. Now, the movie is back in theaters for its anniversary, and Ify has seen it for the first time. Does it hold up? Can we enjoy it anyway? All this, plus the final Xmas Movie Minute of the year and a hotline call from [checks notes] inside the house!

What’s Good
Alonso – Jose Andres Slow-Cooked Iberico Pork Ribs
Drea – The Amazing Acro-Cats of New Orleans
Lindy – Barry’s mystery guts
Ify – Skiing, Tuna’s neutering, and Mammoth Brewing Company

ITIDICs 2003 

  1. Entertainment Weekly Asks: Keanu Reeves, Is there Life After The Matrix?
  2. An “Alien Quadrilogy” 9-Disc DVD Box Set Will Be Available for $100
  3. ELF proves that Jon Favreau Can Make More Than One Kind of Film

Christmas Movie Minute
El Sabor de La Navidad (Vix)
Christmas on Cherry Lane (Hallmark)
Friends and Family Christmas (Hallmark)
Merry Little Batman (Prime)
Round and Round (Hallmark)

Staff Picks
Drea – Go
Alonso – There’s Something in the Barn
Lindy – The Fugitive (and Thin Skin)
Ify – Underworld 

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