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The author of the new film and TV book The Male Gazed (who also penned the 33 1/3 volume on Judy at Carnegie Hall) joins us to celebrate that great icon of gay culture, Judy Garland, in the barn-burning role that should have won her an Oscar. Then, the gang gets quizzed on the similarities between the four different versions of A Star Is Born (’37, ’54, ’76, and 2018).

What’s Good
Alonso – Hi Honey, I’m Homo by Matt Baum
Drea – Bentonville Film Festival and the premiere of A View of the World from Fifth Avenue
Manuel – ShopQueer.co and their mobile queer library
Ify – Juneteenth Minifest at Vidiots


  1. Golden Globes Purchased by Dick Clark Productions
  2. Is the IP Era’s “Venture Capital” Philosophy Poisoning Movies?
  3. Oregon Man Found Guilty After Setting up Indiana Jones-inspired Booby Traps for the Feds

Staff Picks
Alonso – Miss Juneteenth
Drea – The Philadelphia Story
Manuel – The Fifth Element
Ify – Judy

Pick up Manuel’s new book, The Male Gazed

Various takes of “The Man That Got Away”

Ify Nwadiwe
Drea Clark
Alonso Duralde
Manuel Betancourt

Produced by Marissa Flaxbart
Sr. Producer Laura Swisher

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