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Little Richard is a fixture of American culture, and if you were born after the 1950s, you may never have known a time when that wasn’t the case. But chances are, even if you know Little Richard’s name and larger-than-life persona, you still don’t know the half of what he contributed to culture (and not just music culture). Lisa Cortes’s documentary sets the record straight (well, okay, not straight…) and we have Juilliard ethnomusicology professor Fredara Hadley (who appears in the doc as an expert) here to help us talk it out.

What’s Good
Alonso – Blue Diamond Cocoa Dusted Almonds
Fredara – Spring in New York = Horticulture time!
Drea – Jury Duty on Freevee

a.) Some Celebrities Are Getting Their Blue Checks Restored…Against Their Will

b). Joaquin Phoenix Warns Fans Not to Take Mushrooms Before BEAU IS AFRAID

c). Next (yes, NEXT) Fast and Furious Sequel Has its Writers

Staff Picks
Alonso – The Girl Can’t Help It
Fredara – The Wiz
Drea – Joyland

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